Welcome to the website of American artist Shoshanna Ahart. Since 2003, Shoshanna has lived and worked in Eichstaett, Germany. This charming Baroque town, situated in the heart of Bavaria, along with its surrounding landscape, provide magnificent inspiration for her artwork. Shoshanna‘s joyful work celebrates the inherent beauty of the world around us. Please, take a look and join the celebration!

To contemplate the beauty found in the ordinary...

Shadow patterns across a wall
A garden bathed in sunlight
Rooftops against a cloud-filled sky
Reflections in a window
A vase of flowers on a windowsill...

Instances when time and space are suspended.

The noise and confusion of daily life falls away
and ordinary images radiate with an ethereal beauty.

I stop, look and must paint the poetry of the moment before the magic fades.

Shoshanna Ahart