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"Coming Home" exhibition Catalog
postcard motif 1:
"Long Shadows of Late Summer"

Postkarten Motiv 1:
"Lange Schatten im Spätsommer"
postcard motif 2:
"Spring's Awakening, Hofgarten"

Postkarten Motiv 2:
"Frühlingserwachen im Hofgarten"
postcard motif 3:
"Bastion Garden, Willibald Castle"

Postkarten Motiv 3:
"Bastionsgarten, Willibaldsburg


Set of 6 postcards

Single motif (all six cards the same)
3 motifs (two of each)
Size: 5.75” x 4”
Price: $6.00 per set + shipping from Germany
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Coming Home Catalog
Pastel paintings by Shoshanna Ahart

This 24-page, soft cover, color catalog features 15 pastel paintings from Shoshanna Ahart’s 2012 exhibition, Coming Home. The exhibition of 35 works was presented in Eichstaett. The catalog includes an essay about the exhibition and the artist’s resume in both English and german.

Size: 8.24” x 8.25”
Price: $8.00 + shipping from Germany

Greater quantities available, email for additional information

Catalog essay excerpt:

In her exhibition, Coming Home, Shoshanna Ahart presents work created during the summer of 2011 while, an artist-in-residence at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts (VCCA) in the United States, as well as, new work created in and around her adopted home of Eichstaett, Germany. While working at VCCA, Shoshanna explored various aspects of the landscape, including the themes of water, sky, plant life and nature’s relationship to the rural architecture of Virginia. Although the Virginia landscape and architecture are different from the Altmuehltal, she began to see a connection between her American and her German works and the idea of exhibiting the two groups together quickly developed.
Both of the environments – VCCA and Eichstaett – are very special to Shoshanna Ahart. “In English we have a saying, ‘Home is where the heart is.’….I am deeply connected to both the United States and Germany. ”
Coming Home is a love-letter of sorts to these two places. “The places are different and yet, similar…and both are so much …of who I am…they have inspired my work…and my work is…after all…me.”